Previous releases and lineups:  


Springtide of Pure Reason EP: second release, 2014 on House of Extreme Darkness. 5 tracks, produced by KRAMER (Butthole Surfers, Ween, Galaxie 500, Urge Overkill, and more). Cliff and Ivy's recording and 2013 tour lineup included Don Bolles (drummer, 45 Grave, The Germs, and author)- featured on drums! CliffMonk- bass/vocals, Ivy- lead vocals, Stephanie Feris (Stephinfection): backing vocals, Scott Feris (Alaska Thunderfunk): guitar, John Erving Scott: keyboards (LA/Cali tour dates) , and Unfinished Symphonies: Keyboards (east coast tour dates). 

Springtide recorded the 2013 touring band with KRAMER at the helm, resulting in darkly delicious cuts of psychedelic experimental goth: perfect for road tripping to graveyards across the country. 

2014 AK lineup: Cliffmonk: bass, backing vocals, Ivy Silence: vocals; Scot Feris: guitar; Stephanie Feris: backing vocals; John Erving Scott: Keyboard, synth; PJ Franco, drums. 

Equilux, their first recording, was released 2012 on All Ears Music. Recorded in Los Angeles, with12 tracks worth of amazing dark journeys. Equilux has CliffMonk on bass, guitar, mandolin, and vocals; Ivy on vocals, synth, keyboard, and piano. Produced and mixed by Ashley Witt. 
Equilux received great reviews and aired on college radio, charting on CMJ in New Jersey before its release.