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Jack Rabid , editor of  Big Takeover Magazine has reviewed Cliff and Ivy's newest music, brand new issue #87 - thank you!"Alaska's goth duo are between albums but Cliff Monk Livingston and Ivy Silence fill the gap with a couple of typically gnashing, sinister heavy-hitting digital releases. "Will to the Power" pairs a skipping dance beat with a Killing Joke doomsday guitar and a chunky industrial authority to dance its way to a portentous and foreboding future. The faster, "EightStar" sounds like the post-punk side of The Effigies and Big Black, if mixed with Sisters of Mercy and Christian Death - they've collaborated with members of the latter. It's another darkly menacing yet danceable floor-shaker. (, 

House of Extreme Darkness


The Big Takeover Review - Best of Cliff and Ivy - June 2020 - reviewed by Jack Rabid  

Synopsizing impressive work  since 2012's Equilux, Alaska'spost-punk/goth rockers issue this blowout 18 song distillation. Their last  non-covers album, 2017's  Spirit Room,  saw LA guest turns from Screamers/Twisted Roots' legend  Paul Roessler and Christian Death trailblazers Rikk Agnew and Gitane Demone , but CliffMonk and Ivy Silence already had their harrowing yet somehow gleeful sound down, mixing those touchstones with Germs guitar, or mysterious Banshees slink, or sinister Red Lorry Yellow Lorry clash, long before they ventured down from Anchorage. The opening, lashing three tracks speak loudest, mixing an eerie approach with flashing Misfits roar,  or, on the opening OHM,  Daniel Ash's early Bauhaus-like guitar beat-down. As much a great exploratory course to everything harsh, dark, and tribal that followed 1975-1979 punk's door-smashing, let's hope The Best Of exposes their dark secrets to the cogniscenti. 


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